Temporary Fence Installation Cleveland

fence installation Cleveland

If you are looking for barricades to use for only a limited time, then these temporary fences may help out with this need. This type of fence comes in different types. If you are unsure of which type you need, you can refer to the descriptions below.

  • Panels

For those who are eyeing on installing divisions in a large space, then these panels are surely perfect. It is available in different materials like chain link, wood, and gates. This type is often used in fields and arenas. But can be used in different locations as well for the same purpose.

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  • Anti-scale Fences

This type of temporary fence is the best in providing security. It is 8 ft tall, which can keep the space private and protected. Additionally, it is certainly reliable since it is made of steel and mesh materials.

  • Pedestrian Barricades

If you are holding an event with massive attendance, then do not forget to avail of this one. As the name suggests, the pedestrian barricade serves as protection for the pedestrians. It helps designate a specific area intended for driving and for walking. This actually helps lower the risk for accidents.

  • Water Barricades

It is very likely that you have seen one of these. These are typically present in roads and parking lots. They have such name because this type of temporary fence primarily relies on water for its stability and weight. By filling it with water, the fences are more stable. On the other hand, by draining it from water, it is lighter, making it easier to move.

All of these temporary fences are available for either rent or for purchase. We usually recommend renting when the need is temporary. Meanwhile, purchasing is the better option if there is a recurring need of the temporary fence over time.

Fence company Cleveland