Ornamental Aluminum & Steel Fence Installation Cleveland

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Are you one of those who are afraid that getting fences might ruin the façade of their properties? Well we have a good solution for you. Behold, the ornamental aluminum and steel fences. Unlike other fences, this type of fence does not damage in any way the overall look of your property. Instead, it helps to enhance it further. In some cases, it can even make the property more sophisticated than it already is.

Despite being beautiful and chic, these fences are certainly strong as well. The primary materials of this type are either aluminum or steel. Both of which have proven strength to weather it all. Here at The Cleveland Fence Company, we give our clients the option to choose between the two materials, depending on which type will fit their needs better. To help property owners in the decision making, here is a quick guide on the similarities and differences of these two materials. After all, it is hard to make the decision without knowing first the characteristics of each one.

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First, steel. Between the two, this material is more solid. Its density allows it to sustain powerful impact without easily crumbling or falling apart. Moreover, it can endure changing weather conditions, including strong winds. Aluminum, on the other hand, is less dense than the former. But despite that, it does not fall too far behind in terms of strength and durability. Unlike steel, aluminum can mold into different forms to fit better into the needs of the property owners. It also has a glossy finish for a more flashing look. One thing that clearly sets these two materials apart is the price. Steel is often more expensive. But, despite the fact that aluminum is less expensive, we can assure you that its strength and qualities are as promising.

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